Uma língua é o lugar donde se vê o Mundo e em que se traçam os
limites do nosso pensar e sentir. Da minha língua vê-se o mar.
Da minha língua ouve-se o seu rumor, como da de outros se
ouvirá o da floresta ou o silêncio do deserto. Por isso a
voz do mar foi a da nossa inquietação. 

Vergilio Ferreira

Welcome to Camões, I. P. Ottawa

Camões, I.P. Ottawa mainly provides Portuguese Language and Culture Courses. European and Brazilian Portuguese will be taught. We also offer cultural activities on a regular basis. 


Discover and learn more about the Portuguese Speaking world (CPLP) – join Camões, I.P. to experience the Portuguese Language and Cultures of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissão, São Tomé e Príncipe, Mozambique and East Timor.

Whether it is for the general public, for employees of the Federal, Provincial or Municipal Public Service, for corporations and businesses, for national and professional associations, for embassies, for university students, our course offering is wide and can be tailored to suit your needs:
  • A personalized approach, small class-sizes ( an average of 10 students per class).
  • A comunicative, intercultural and interactive teaching approach based on students active participation with an emphasis on understanding, speaking and writting Portuguese (both European and Brazilian Portuguese).
  • A free placement test to better evaluate your level and to ensure that you will progress normally.

  • A regular follow up and evaluation of your progress.

  • Various learning paces to suit your needs and availability: intensive courses, part-time courses, private and semi-private courses.

  • Many offerings taking your own personal needs into account: specialized courses to prepare yourself for the level B or C of the Federal Public Service, specialized courses linked to your occupation such as: hospitality and tourism, medical profession, business...
  • A team of qualified, competent and experienced teachers attentive to your needs.
  • Guidance to obtain diplomas and certificates internationally recognized in Portugal and Brazil.

  • A resource centre where you will find books, magazines and movies along with a program of cultural activities and events so that you can practice your Portuguese with Portuguese native Speakers from Portugal, Brazil, Angola...

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